BDIX RDP offers RDP or Remote Desktop, a service that enables users to access their desktop computers from anywhere in the world.

RDP - Starter

৳2020 /month

RPD - Pro

৳3920 /month

RDP - Business

৳5450 /month

RDP - Agency

৳8175 /month

Included with all BDIX RDP plans

These resources are included with all of our BDIX RDP plans

1 IPv4

Server 2016

Maximum Security



Our VPS is completely customizable. Get root access to your server, choose your Operating System (CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian), and decide if you want to install a cPanel.

Beyond Fast

Enjoy 20X faster storage with pure Solid State Drive (SSD) storage, designed to enhance performance over the traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD) preferred by VPS competitors.

Top-Level Security

Keep your “virtual” hosting environment in the safest of hands thanks to state-of-the-art hardware and software firewalls, alongside our internal security package.

Dedicated Support

Want to discuss your customization options or upgrade your Server Management? With BdixHosting, you can count on us to help you out — no matter what.

Top-Tier, Remote Desktop VPS at Impossibly Low Prices.

Remote Desktops that Rock!

Elegant and affordable Remote Desktop Servers around the world — Take command of your remote desktop with full admin access and secure connections. High-speed servers running on top-tier infrastructure featuring the Windows version of your choice, all at extremely affordable prices.

What’s the Difference Between VPS and Remote Desktop Servers?

Well, they’re basically the same since both involve a virtual server and both involve remote connections. There are some important differences when it comes to functionality, though. Usually, RDP accounts offered by hosting companies don’t include administrator-level access (also called root access) since they’re hosted on (often very crowded) servers but a VPS includes root access and SSH connectivity since it’s an autonomous virtual environment. Here at, however, our Remote Desktop Server actually is a form of VPS, since it gives you full admin access, full isolation, and zero resource contention. But unlike a general-purpose VPS, which is usually used to host websites or web apps, our Remote Desktop Servers are precision-made for just one single purpose, to host an RDP server. That means you won’t be paying extra for resources and services you won’t need while avoiding shared hosting shortcomings.

Get self-managed BDIX VPS Hosting

What Makes Special?

With our BDIX RDP, you may enhance the functionality of your website.

BDIX Connected

We have peering with Multiple NIX Operators of Bangladesh. We use 1Gbps Uplink for our server and We've plan for 10Gbps Uplink.

1 Click OS Reload

Choice of Linux OS - CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu! You don't need to contact our support for OS reload. You can reload any OS from our control panel by single click.

24/7 Customer Support

We are committed to provide 99.9% uptime each month. We use only top of the line server hardware, configured by expert system admin to keep server always online.


Full Root Access

Having root access to the server gives you the ability to take full control of your server! With our VPS or Dedicated server you will get the root access.

Rock-Solid Security

Protect your site against constant threats we are using custom web application firewall rules. e can stop the majority of web application attacks even before they start.

99.9% Uptime Gurarantee

We are committed to provide 99.9% uptime each month. We use only top of the line server hardware, configured by expert system admin to keep server always online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RDP?
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), also known as Remote Desktop Connection, is a way of network communication between two computers by means of a full graphic environment remotely. Microsoft developed RDP for conveying virtual network server data to clients with ease.
What are the features of a Windows RDP?
With a Windows RDP, you’re allowed to enter a remote host, as done remotely for sure, and access applications and desktops.
How does RDP work?
The core concept of RDP is to transmit an output device like a monitor from a server to get the input methods like a mouse and keyboard from a client, then sending it again to the server. It’s how you do your work with your local computer, whilst RDP is 100% remote.
Does charge any hidden fees?

We do not charge any hidden fees. All our fees can are clearly published on our website or Terms of Service.

What are the benefits of RDP?
RDP has a high-speed internet connection, so it is used for tasks that require high speed internet connection. In addition, SEO experts use RDP for a specific location when targeting keywords for a site.
Can I upgrade my RDP package later?
Yes, you can upgrade your RDP package at any time.