BDIX Business Hosting

Bangla.biz provides business hosting, ensuring that your website is always up and running. Speed up your website loading with our 10Gbps BDIX connectivity.

Business - Premium

৳750 /month

Business - Pro

৳1,100 /month

Business - Ultimate

৳1,600 /month

Business - Premium

৳7500 /year

Business - Pro

৳11000 /year

Business - Ultimate

৳16000 /year

Included with all BDIX Webuzo hosting plans

These resources are included with all of our BDIX hosting plans

40 Entry


SSL Certificate


Guaranteed premium performance

We differentiate ourselves from others because of certain fundamental features of our BDIX hosting.


LiteSpeed Web Server & LSCache

BDIX Hosting with LiteSpeed Web Server experience creates a captive audience of satisfied users and higher search engine rankings. Our Web Hosting is blended with LiteSpeed web server, PHP 7.4 for better Speed.

Stable & Secure Cloud Technology

We use Cloudlinux for making the server secure and stable. It improves server stability by encapsulating each client in a secure, isolated environment.

High Performance SSD Servers

We use Enterprise SSD Storage for high performance. SSDs provide for a 1000x increase in input/output operations as compared to regular drives.


HTTP/3 with Quick reduces latency and speeds up website delivery due to improved parallelization.

Speed, reliability, support, and much much more!

By hosting your website in our Bangladeshi data center, you can deliver your visitors the greatest experience possible with zero latency.

Get BDIX VPS Hosting

Script Installer

With our one-click installer tool, you can create any type of website: blog, forum, eCommerce site, and so much more! No more thinking about databases, downloading and uploading script files on your own, and other technical work.

Automated Backups

No more manual backups, that's all taken care of automatically. And you're in full control of when your daily backups take place. Restore a clean version of your website – or recover a single file or folder – with just one click.

Free Migration

Transfer your website to us worry-free with the help of our migration experts. Or, enjoy free automated migrations with our easy-to-use Migration Tool. You can migrate your WordPress site with Just a click!

What Makes Bangla.biz Special?

With our BDIX Web Hosting, you may enhance the functionality of your website.

BDIX Connected

We have peered with Multiple NIX Operators in Bangladesh. We use 1Gbps Uplink for our server and We've planned for 10Gbps Uplink.

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer support is 24x7x365. With your hosting package you also gain 24x7 accesses to our expert support team.

Rock-Solid Security

Protect your site against constant threats we are using custom web application firewall rules. e can stop the majority of web application attacks even before they start.

99.9% Uptime Gurarantee

We are committed to provide 99.9% uptime each month. We use only top of the line server hardware, configured by expert system admin to keep server always online.

Why should you choose Bangla.biz's BDIX Hosting?

Most people who have websites with Bangladesh traffic are using BDIX Hosting. Since Bangladesh’s e-commerce industry is still developing and does not yet meet international standards, you need get BDIX Hosting for your websites.

Benefits of Using BDIX Hosting

There are many advantages to using BDIX hosting. Let’s know the main benefits of BDIX hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get Terminal Access?

No, the above plans do not provide terminal access. If you want to get terminal access, you need to purchase our BDIX Business Hosting plans.

How Does BDIX Hosting Work?

Every day, many content and websites are being hosted targeting local visitors. BDIX hosting is a boon for those sites where most of the target audience is from Bangladesh. When Bangladeshi users visit a site on the BDIX network, it will be connected to the server in 1-3 ms. The website will load fast in the browser that will feel like browsing on your own PC. The most used location in Bangladesh is the location server in the US. The response time for USA servers excluding CDN is 250 to 450 milliseconds. If the response is high, the site loading time will be more. On the other hand, the lower the response time, the faster the loading of the site will be. The response time can be easily checked by pinging the domain from the command prompt.

Why I choose BDIX Hosting?

Our BDIX Hosting is optimized for small businesses, startup businesses, blogs, personal websites, etc. If your website most of the traffic comes from Bangladesh then BDIX Hosting Will be best choice for you.

Is BDIX Hosting Perfect for me?

Our BDIX Hosting plan based on small, startup type business, blog, personal website etc. If you are looking for best hosting solution for this type website then this package is perfect for you.

Can I upgrade my plan later?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan anytime. But, If you looking for more resource in your BDIX package then you can only upgrade from BDIX Business Hosting package to BDIX VPS Hosting package anytime.